for my english Visitors!

My name is Daniela Wulf (Frank)


I‘m a women and I fly RC-Helicopters.

I like Photography and drawing.
Like a lot of music, I listen to music on every flight because that give me a feel of save.

Uncommon in the hobby I‘m a Girl, I like pink, and little plushies on my Helis. (some girls do the same now…) I wear dress or Hot-Pants on some Events, style my hair, and set up some Makeup. I think the boys like it

I’m very proud to say that I do all in my own. Building, RC or flying. So don’t think I have a technical Assistent nonono

I started 2007 with a coaxial Helicopter. I learned to fly, but it was very expensive for me. So I was experimentical. I build some EPP flyers and buy old-not-working- T-Rex 450 from ebay. The year passed by,…

I decide to bought a T-Rex 600 ESP!! So, I learned to fly very well. Later, in little steps I learn to fly 3D.

So, here I am!

My Sponsors are: SAB HELI DIVISION

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